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3 Things To Know About Greenshades Partnership with LearnUpon

December 29, 2021
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Last year Greenshades partnered with LearnUpon, a best-in-class LMS, to offer, manage, and track employee training directly through the Payroll Platform. This collaboration empowers customers to pair Greenshades Payroll & HR solutions with LearnUpon’s LMS to deliver onboarding, development, and compliance training. LearnUpon’s user-focused technology, combined with Greenshades’ cloud-based accessibility, means companies can help employees broaden their knowledge and expand their horizons.  

3 things to know about Greenshades’ partnership with LearnUpon:

1. Just one click away - LearnUpon is now part of the Greenshades interface and can be accessed by clicking the LearnUpon logo. This grants immediate access with no extra credentialing required making training easier than ever.

"Seamlessly integrated, our combined solutions make it easier for organizations to combine payroll & HR software with their LMS to provide the best employee learning experience," said Brendan Noud, CEO of LearnUpon.

2. Automates workflows - Greenshades clients who access LMS on the Payroll Platform may now automate the recurring parts of the training process, keep data in sync, and improve efficiency to operate effectively at scale.

3. Keeps employees first - The LMS puts employee training and education tools directly in the hands of Greenshades customers, allowing companies to deliver impactful trainings that fuel growth and success, ultimately keeping employees at the forefront.

"Our partnership with LearnUpon is part of our 'employee first' strategy," said Greenshades CEO David Rosas. “This integration allows our clients to offer training and educational opportunities to their workers directly though the Greenshades platform. LearnUpon's commitment to employee growth and success makes them an ideal partner for Greenshades."

Putting the employee first is good for business and Greenshades is proud to partner with companies that agree.  Click here to visit our LearnUpon page, learn more, and request a demo!

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