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Case Study
The SEFA Group
For over 40 years, The SEFA Group has been making a positive difference by transforming coal combustion residuals into environmentally sustainable products for the concrete industry. Their patented STAR® technology makes them the country’s leader in thermal beneficiation of fly ash. They are also involved in transportation and industrial solutions to support the industry.
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SEFA Reduces Time Spent on Benefits Management by 60% and Tax Filing by Up To 94%

"Greenshades reduces the time required to accomplish certain tasks and makes the process more efficient and organized. This, in turn, frees up time to dedicate to the process improvements that sustain the company’s growth."
Angelo Tremolada
Corporate Controller, CPA, CGMA

Business Challenges

The SEFA Group faced two major challenges: rapid growth in both geographic locations and in the number of employees, and the new reporting requirements with the Affordable CareAct. At the time, they were utilizing the functionality in the Microsoft DynamicsGP payroll module, which gets the job done but can be laborious.

The Greenshades Solution

Transportation and construction are high-turnover industries, so it was critical for SEFA to be able to manage employee benefits efficiently. They turned to the Greenshades Payroll,Tax, and HR Platform, with a specific focus on the tax filing center and the associated tax reporting capabilities.

According to Angelo Tremolada, SEFA’s Corporate Controller, “The tax filing capabilities have been a huge time saver for us.” Other efficiencies have come in the form of reduced employee requests for information coming to HR. Through the Greenshades Platform,SEFA team members are able to access their pay, tax, PTO balance, benefits, and various other points of data at any time and from anywhere.

Rapid Results

The noteworthy impact of the Greenshades Platform has been the efficiencies created in the payroll taxes area. Specifically, paying, filing, and searching for payroll tax information (such as during an audit) became “a breeze” for SEFA.

  • 93.75% improvement in a process that was taking four hours per week reduced to only15 minutes per week.
  • 60% reduction in time spent on benefits management and reporting. 
  • 87% to 94% improvement in a quarterly filing process that has been reduced from two days to roughly one to two hours.
  • 2 days a month saved (at least) with EDI feeds to medical, dental, and vision insurance providers. This has eliminated duplicate data entry when enrolling or terminating employees and improved the insurance invoice.
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